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Digital Education

We need more computers! Digital learning in our communities is removing barriers on our collective journey towards community development.

Development Tourism

Visit our place! With a visit and a touch of technology, you can oversee the progress of your interest from 4,000 miles away.

Do The Walk Where it is Fun

We will build a 100-computer capacity computer-based learning center in our community and connect to satellite internet. Someone somewhere has a heart for a village child whose dream is to become an innovator. Since investing in one child is a big deal, we thought  you should know about it. You can feature in their dreams.

The Big Deal

Why this is a big deal for us! We have taken our destinies in our hands. We have taken up the responsibility to fight and end educational suppression.
Welcome to share your thoughts, ideas and friendship. Be part of the inspiration for our social development. One visit  is a guarantee for more.

Art: 'Educational Suppression'- Aneke Ernest