Our Story Services

Our True Story

Every hour that passes, one teenager in a rural community thinks on how to move abroad. While on the move, some will experience deportation or other unintended negative consequences. They want a better future like anyone who has the privilege.
We help you understand our stories to inspire and invite you to be part of a collective goal- to reduce international migration. We want to connect rural learners to Virtual Mentors,  to support Personal Development, provide Educational Software and have rural people partake in Corporate Social Responsibility in their home countries.
We want to share our walk with you who is interested in our story. To journey and guide others on personal development without moving away from their communities. You are welcome to visit Africa. 

Virtual Mentoring

Our virtual mentoring will connect a mentor abroad to a mentee in the local community. Communication is through virtual space on a schedule.

Personal Development

With feedbacks from virtual mentor, we plan personal development of the mentee. To improve capabilities and facilitate the mentee's ability to undertake a set task.

Educational Software

We introduce educational software for rural learners to learn Languages, Science, Tech., Mathematics etc.

Ideation on CSR Project in Africa

If you wish to carry out a corporate social responsibility work in Africa, we support you with relevant idea to suit a selected community.

Why It Matters for You

Most citizens of developed countries are privileged people. Some want to be directly involved in others’ development. Applying this privilege directly on rural Africa is a direct investment valued more than the billion dollar politically motivated aids that exchanges between the powers.  

What You Get

Join us to think more in a direction that improves and sustains lives in areas of education and well-being of rural communities. You become part of a network of active change-makers from various fields.