About us

We are a rural development organization founded and managed by social entrepreneurs of the generation that survived a three year Nigeria-Biafra civil war. Our founders are educated in parts of Europe as entrepreneurs, teachers and social development professionals, so we bring more than one perspective. We are proud to be both rural and local as we understand our communities and its needs better than the officials, the big corporations and the international agencies who are themselves neither rural nor local.
Despite the rich resources in our communities, decades of billion dollar foreign aid from governments have not effectively addressed our problems of education, skill acquisition, decent infrastructure and better living standard for most rural communities, we rise now to take the challenge. As community individuals, we give direct access to potential business people, access to our community resources, we cut out the bureaucracy.
If you ever wanted to visit rural areas where the locals will host you, where you will find stimulations, investment opportunities, situate your start up and help reduce migration, here is a chance to visit our community. Let us plan the next rural tourism with you on the list.

Our goal is to invite and collaborate with private individuals, associations and investors for start-ups who are interested in “South-East” rural part of Nigeria, Africa. Collaborating with us removes bureaucracy and gives immediate access to the land, the people, the culture and the experience with communities in the East, West and the Southern parts of Africa.
Together we explore areas that bring solutions to education, technology, rural development/tourism and other areas that are gainful for your business and for our communities.
We want to create a community of individuals who have the knowledge to carry out tasks that scale up both the community standard and your business interest.

While we welcome charitable support to educate rural students, we want to partner with individuals who are interested in our story or start-ups who wish to explore or implement corporate social responsibilities in our communities. If you look to make a good business while helping our communities become more resilient and self-reliant, you are most welcome to contact us.