Development and Rural Tourism

If you ever wanted to visit rural areas where the locals will host you, where you will find stimulations, opportunities, investment opportunities and help reduce migration, here is a chance to tour with us.

1.8 billion young people in the world live in rural areas of low and middle-income countries. This is according to the UN. 
Nigeria has a population of over 200 million people with fewer developed cities. The city with the largest population is the ”South-West” region city of Lagos with about 15 million people, most of whom migrated from various rural areas of the country’s regions. The migration from the rural  places in the “South-East” to urban cities in the “South-West” covers a travel time of about 50 minutes by air or 6 – 8 hours by road.

We focus on a community located within 15 minutes drive away from the “South-East” region’s capital city of Owerri where international airports and the seat of government are situated.
The trend of ‘South-East¨ rural to ‘’South-West’ urban migration occurs among 4 of every 6 rural youths who have completed secondary school education in the village school. This is certainly a drain of human capital for the community.

Without meaningful engagement in the rural places, youths are forced to migrate to the ‘’South-West’ urban cities where they contribute to their economy more than they contribute to their own communities. They go to the South-West Nigeria urban cities to learn trade, computer programming, hacking, graphic designs and skill acquisition. It takes only a  few more years for those who migrated from rural-urban areas within the same country, to engage in international migration to Europe and other parts of the West. This is an age-long trend that we aim to break using collaboration, technology and connectivity. 

We shall be able to set up a functional rural tech start up where the rural students would be gainfully engaged and contribute positively to the bigger world while seated in front of a computer in their own villages. You could own the business!  

The rural-urban migration of youths certainly harms the rural communities in an irreversible way. We welcome you to visit our community. We want to work with you to reduce youth migration which harms our rural communities. We want to prevent our villages from dying out, we want to promote our customs and heritage and welcome you from every part of the world to visit us and be part of our stories. You can make a business out of what you will find.|

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